Saturday, January 16, 2010

Touhou 13: Deified Submarine Palace

What?? It's what I said when I found this searching for Touhou in google... I was like, but-but ZUN didn't mention this even in his blog fail-translated with google translation... Then the video on youtube was like... Yeah look it's real... and you fail as a touhoutard, you didn't even know this game existed, trust me there is a video LOOK dammit ;A;!!

At the border of depression I then discovered there was no info on this mysterious game neither in touhou no sekai,, doujinstyle or the touhou wiki... I suspected... This game.... might not be real... I can't be the first touhoutard to know about it... So I watched the video over and over I discovered... something XD about this game authenticity something that made me facedesk. Maybe it was the 28 hours without sleeping, just working... trust me if you see textboxes moving like Megaman masterbots and the MS helper puppy telling you, you shouldnt be able t hear it because you are pretty much hallucinating it's not cool, but oh well that's another story, Returning to the authenticity of the game... If you wanna know if it's a leaked canonical game, a fanmade game or just an awesome joke... I challenge you to the riddle of what it is.

Clue: 00-01

Download the OST and stuff from Touhou 13(?) here:

Have fun~ Love you guys and sorry for the lack of updates <3