Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crystalloids - Electrocutica

We've been slow on updating lately around here and that because me and Usamiko D@inu been very busy with work and university, but we're trying to keep up n,n ~ Today I bring an album called Crystalloids by Electrocutica featuring various artists, this album is featuring Vocaloid Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine =D carrying 9 tracks, I hope you like it and enjoy!

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Monday, December 27, 2010

Touhou Project Remixes Album - Dancing The Planet

woot!! This must be one of the sweetest touhou albums I have listened to, it's really cute and it contains lots of vocal and cute tracks, it was also found by Hayyie so it's doubly cute, I hope you enjoy it n,n!!

Download here <3

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Evolution - Miku Hatsune

Merry Christmas n,n I hope you all have a great one! - I wanted to upload an album with lots of Vocaloids but the one I downloaded didn't turn out to be Vocaloids but real singers instead xD so we have plan B ~ Evolution by various artists featuring Miku Hatsune, in this album you'll find Miku singing K-On!'s theme "Don't say lazy" and some very nice tracks out there, I hope you like it and you can get it here:

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Friday, December 24, 2010

AT Project - infinity note

Here we go with another sweet touhou album, this time from the AT Project circle, it's a really nice album with an amazing cover featuring my favorite red and white miko, Reimu, looking all cute in traditional japanese (genokyan?) clothes, I hope you enjoy it!

Download here <3

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Silent Noise - Fatman

As promised, I said I'll upload albums for different Vocaloids as a change, this time a Luka Megurine album by Fatman, called "Silent Noise" carrying 10 tracks featuring the pretty Luka n,n I hope you gonna enjoy it! ~ I have more albums to come =3 I try to keep on updating along with uni's work and everything x3 - Tracklist goes here:

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MAXION - Grazing Heart

Woot, an upload from me!! 8D must be a miracle or something XD I'm sorry for my lack of presence around guys, work consumes most of my time and trust me, I'm not a fan of work but I need the moneys, anyway, this awesome album contains a neat collection of tracks as well as features a sexy sexy miko in the cover, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did <3

Download here <3

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fill e Tua - 仕事してp

Alright x3 I'll give you a break from Miku Hatsune's albums and I'll bring a Kaito and Meiko album =D by 仕事してp called "Fill e Tua" carrying 15 tracks, it's a very good album and specially the main title, Kaito & Meiko duet is one of my favorites from Vocaloids, I hope you enjoy it too, here is the tracklist:

01.Prologue -fill e tua-
02.歌う大地 -FILL e TUA arrange ver
03.白の語り部 -ferri e lacrim-
05.番凩 -FILL e TUA arrange ver
09.黒の語り部 -rovini’a perrize-
15.Rinascita -始まりの謳

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Friday, December 17, 2010

V.I.P -marasy plays vocaloid instrumental on piano-

Hello world ~ I thought about posting something relaxing today cause I really need to be relaxed myself after a noisy noisy morning... ~ anyhow, this is an album called -Marasy plays Vocaloid instrumental on piano- by Marasy, probably one of the longest title xD but it explains the album very well, in this album you won't find any Vocaloid singing but you'll hear your favorite songs played classically on piano in a very relaxing and soothing way, give it a try if you like some good music n,n and the tracklist goes here:

02.From Y to Y
06.Just Be Friends
-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Thursday, December 16, 2010

MAXION - Gensou Satou Time

So here is another touhou album Haya found, and is also from another circle I knew for making vocaloid music, it is Maxion, with a sweet touhou album, maybe the first I see featuring Kogasa mostly, (when will I see a China one ;3;) It's a cute album I hope you will enjoy <3

Download Link <3

ReDear - Shiki

My updates are being slow ;~; but I have a project to do and my laptop isn't working probably.. I'll need to buy a new one soon but for now, I bring this album that I uploaded from awhile, it's "ReDear" by "Shiki" featuring Miku Hatsune, it's kind of a big album but it's carrying 12 tracks which is only fair X3 I hope you enjoy it and here is the tracklist:

02.セレネの泪 Ver.Ⅱ
03.Shallow sleep
06.Strain Kiss
07.Blind Colors
08.Angelic Layer -The2nd Night-
09.Venus style
10.ANCELOT -another story-
11.Reason Trigger
12.Sentimental Girl’s Heart

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hatsunetsu Miko - Unchained Melody

Yuka and Yukarin in the same cover, which is pretty amazing, as well as the art style which I simply love, this amazing album features a sweet collection of songs I'm pretty sure you will enjoy, >u< have fun!!

Download here <3

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hello World - ゆちゃP

Another update for today n,n and another ゆちゃP album =3 this time it's called "Hello World", it carries 9 tracks and the album isn't that big, I hope you enjoy the album n,n here is the tracklist:
01.hysteric Hysteric
02.Windmill (ver.リン)
09.空想パレット(- MOCHIGOME MIX)

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Sprite Wing - gensou sato no hoshi u hiyori

nyuuu =w= sorry for the lack of updates, my three jobs keep me working nonstop all around the clock, hopefully I'll have some free time soon, anyway, I bring you this amazing album teh kitten found from the same makers of some of her vocaloid albums where miku appears with a happy sun, It's a beautiful cover isn't it? I hope you enjoy the even more amazing tracks the album contains!

Download Link <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Namida iro - フェイP

A new album by "フェイP" called Namida Iro, as you heard lots of them by the shrine's uploads n,n the tracks are nice with jolly beats, this album features Miku, Rin and Gumi =3 carrying 11 tracks, if you're a fan of any, I think you'll like it n,n the tracklist goes here:
02.Love On Stage
04.黒いつばさ(niconico ver.)

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sound Sepher - Cradle 2

Where could part one be? Who cares, this one is amazing, and the cover features the super rare innocent looking MOE Mokou almost giving an upskirt XD, she looks like so... sweet, which is not so like the blazing phoenix, and well you can see some funny pics of this same image in the booklet scans, also the songs are really amazing and enjoyable, hope you like it!

Download Link <3

Final Fantasy VIII OST [Complete]

;w; Final Fantasy VIII... My favorite game of all times, today I bring to you it's full soundtrack ~ complete 4 CDs by Nobuo Uematsu for sure n,n I don't have to list a tracklist because in this download you'll find all the tracks for the game and any you need, as you listen to them you'll remember each part of the game, it's size is big but still not big for 4 CDs, have fun & enjoy x3!

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cis-Trance/DJ-Technetium - Abnormal Dance

o//3//o what a cover! and well, leaving the cover aside (I know it's hard but I'm trying too) this is a wonderful album you most probably will love if you enjoy electronic music, so enjoy and keep coming :3


01. Frenzy is like teen spirit / DJ-Technetium
02. Exploding UFO / DJ-Technetium
03. I will go to space in the future / DJ-Technetium
04. Springtime DANCE / RaveHeavens
05. GOD A / DJ-Technetium
06. like a flame / Betwixt&Between
07. HOT CAPTAIN / RaveHeavens
08. Be of good corpse / DJ-Technetium
09. Bamboo shoots meal / DJ-Technetium

Bonus Track

10. Makina VS Hardcore VS Toho Project - Live Session 2010 March by DJ-Technetium

Download here <3

LocoRoco Screensavers

So, I downloaded a Locoroco fan kit from the official site and they carried 2 cute screen savers n,n ~ I thought I'd share them in here =D they're so small around 2MBs and worthy I guess x3 have fun and enjoy!
Download Here

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Planet Dance - U-Ji

A new album for the shrine today n,n it's called Planet Dance by U-Ji, I really like the album cover x3 and the pixeled Miku Hatsune down there =D the album carries 10 tracks for your likings, here it is:

03.Holy Nite
04.planet dance
05.Feeling Again(DJ TO-Z Mind Eraser Remix)
07.BurNing HeaRt
08.Feeling Again
10.Check it! Feeling it!

Download Here

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Liverne - Touhou Maboroshi Soumatsu Ten 2 Canon

And for today's upload I bring you Canon, a fantastic album featuring one of the most amazing covers I have seen, Flan's wings are seriously enigmatic, anyway I hope you enjoy this fantastic album >u

Download here <3

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tatami Sugiwo - Baroque Stroke

And now for tonight's late update, we bring you Baroque Stroke by Tatami Sugiwo, a wonderful album with a classic touch, featuring Medicine looking all meh on the cover, who can't love this Alice look alike doll? <3, I hope you enjoy this beautiful album >u<

Download here <3

Cooking Dash 3: Thrills & Spills [PC Game]

Alright n,n as promised, I said I'll add Cooking Dash 3 as an extra update today x3 as I uploaded the 2 past parts, I thought it's nice to complete your collections, this time it's called "Cooking Dash: Thrills & Spills" it's bigger than usual, but the graphics are nice, the gameplay is more smooth, more actions and there is extra mini-games in stages too, I think it's fun n,n ~ You can see the screenshots down there and your link to download =D! Have fun!

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Melt - Ryo Feat. Miku Hatsune

Lalalalalalala ~ Yesh, I bring you 'Melt' album before I go to sleep -v- by Ryo Featuring Miku Hatsune, I'm sure as a Vocaloid fan you probably heard this song over youtube or the live concert, so here is the original album, carrying 4 tracks n,n here is the tracklist:

02.Melt カラオケver
04.きみをわすれない アレンジver

Download Here
PS: I think Cooking Dash 3 will be uploaded next n,n as an extra =3

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Demetori - Offering to the Sukhavti

For today's upload a really amazing album from Demetori, with a beautiful cover to go along, really fitting, I hope you enjoy this album n,n!

Download Link <3

Unexplored - 新城P feat.Kaito

So you don't think that I only post Miku's albums (Which I own tons of xD) today I decided to bring a different Vocaloid album for you by 新城P featuring 'Kaito', this album is very good and Kaito lovers will sure love it, it carries 17 tracks for your likings x3 I hope you gonna like it and here is your track list:

03.Broken rain
08.Rosary Oath
09.Pane dhiria(Leap remix)
10.Paru nya
12.Mobius(vo off)
13.水時計(vo off)
14.Promise(vo off)
15.ToBeHonest(vo off)
16.Pane dhiria-Leap remix-(vo off)
17.Paru nya(vo off)

Download Here

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sync. Art's - Requiem

How could I forget this amazing album...? It's definetly one of my favorite Sync. Art's albums, including mostly vocal and epic arranges of touhou music, a must have in every and any touhou fan there is >:3, I hope you love it!!

Download here <3

We are POP☆CANDY! - Runo

"We are POP☆CANDY!" is a very cute album indeed, just like it's name n,n it's by Runo featuring Miku Hatsune, it carries only 5 tracks and the album is mini but trust me, it's worth it because it's jolly and happy kind of albums that makes you smile somehow, give it a listen n,n it won't disappoint you and here the tracks:

01.We are POPCANDY!
02.My Beautiful Life
03.Sunday Flavor
04.Journey Ecclestone
05.Tomato no Kimochi

Download Here

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Thursday, December 2, 2010

IOSYS - Touhou Fushigikakumei

And this is the other surprise Hayyie found, yes it's another fantastic IOSYS album I hope you enjoy, it features three of the cutest lolis in touhou, Cirno, Flan and Suwako >u<, besides the songs are really cute and sweet, it's an amazing album I hope you enjoy!

Download here <3

IOSYS - Touhou Merry Go Round

Sawwies for the late update, but trust me it's a worth one, this time is a very requested album and one of IOSYS' latest ones, I'm sure you will love it, even if the style it's pretty different to what IOSYS made us used to, I love this whole album, but the last song specially it's simply amazing, enjoy!

PD, thanks to Neko Miko Hayuu who found this album as well as some other surprises <3

Download here <3

Romeo and Cinderella - Doriko feat. Miku Hatsune

Romeo and Cinderella, one of my favorite songs for Miku although I just found out it's a naughty song xD anyways, this is the album under the same name by Doriko featuring Miku Hatsune and it carries 14 tracks, kinda big but it's worth it, if you liked the style of the main song, this album will go with it n,n I really liked the track 'mermaid' too, enjoy! and here is your track list:

06.Paradise Cage
10.Red Garden -type M-
14.bonus track

Download Here

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tanigon - Inversions & Dimensions

As we are finished with the big doujin circles from which I own at least a decent album collection, I'ts time to upload the other touhou albums I have scattered around my music folder, starting with inversions & dimensions by tanigon, a delicious Jazz album and really a ear candy I'm sure any jazz and touhou lover will enjoy >u<

Download Link <3

Cooking Dash 2: DinerTown Studios [PC Game]

Had fun playing the first part of ''Cooking Dash'' x3? Here is "Cooking Dash 2" n,n in this part you'll be in another restaurant with another kind of customers in addition like celebrities, it's fun just like the first part and it's small for a PC game, I'll be uploading the 3rd part soon =D but for now enjoy this one!  
-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Love in songstress -

I had this album uploaded on my mediafire for time and I forgot to upload it -v-U silly me, so here you go, this is an album called Love in Songstress by featuring Miku Hatsune, it's not that huge album but it carries 11 songs n,n not bad ne? I hope you'll enjoy it and here is your tracklist:

02.Chapter 01-Colorless Mark, red room
03.I flow ~My style~
04.Chapter 02-Flowers shimmering
05.Sunny girl romp
06.Chapter 03-Sepia turn to yellow
07.Colored mind
08.Next chapter
09.The one is truly important (Kikuo’s remix)
10.The one is truly important (Gutiar mix)
-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sync. Art's - Alternative 201009

Another special mini album from Sync. Art's this time featuring the 3 mischievous fairies from the manga series as well as the final bosses from Great Fairy Wars, it's a cute little album featuring 2 amazing tracks you will love, I hope you enjoy it <3

Download Link <3

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ARA - Touhou Rock Girl 2 -Soul Steal Song-

And here is the second Rockgirl album, this time featuring the amazing Perfect Cherry Blossom soundtrack remixed in an 8 bit mood, it's simply amazing, if you need to recall some of the songs, we have lots of amazing ones from PCB like Letty's, Chen's, Alice's, Youmu, Yuyuko and the unforgettable Yukarin, it's an awesome chiptune album you'll treasure if you like 8 bit music >u

Download here <3

Cooking Dash [PC Game]

Alright something different for today again =3 not Touhou or Vocaloid, as I like to post some games, I'm posting this game for you x3 first part from 'Cooking Dash', it's same series of Dinner Dash, but in this game you'll be cooking instead of taking orders, it's a very girlie kind of games I'll say xD but it's fun and not huge, why not try it? Have fun!
-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ARA - Touhou Rock Girl

Woot, for today's upload I'll share one of my favorite touhou arrange albums, it's touhou rock girl! a not so known album that tried to mix the universes of rockman (megaman) and touhou 6 the embodiment of scarlet devil, resulting in amazing 8-bit songs completely based off TEoSD, it's an amazing album if you enjoy chiptunes as much as me <3

Download here <3

Friday, November 26, 2010

Alstroemeria Records - FoR YouR PiEcEs

And this is the last album I got from Alstroemeria Records, featuring the Scarlet sisters in cute nighties, It's an amazing album as well as the others, I hope you enjoy this last album and well next uploads will be mostly surprises as I think I finished uploading all of the albums I had as collections >u<

Download link <3

[THE VOCALOiD MASTER 13] - Mushroom War

Mushroom War is an album by The Vocaloid M@ster 13, it only contains 3 tracks and it's a very small album n,n I like it myself so I hope you do too, enjoy! 

03.bonus track

-Nekomiko Hayyie-

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Alstroemeria Records - Stem of Radiant

And now it's time for... whoa wha- wait!! incoming unexpected sexy cover, at least that was the first thing on my head when I found this album from Alstroemeria, seems like Yukari finally got the miko where she wanted, or is it the other way around? anyhoo, sexy covers aside, this album features some of the most amazing arranges created by Alstroemeria records some of which are among my favorites, hope you enjoy it!

Download Link <3

Alstroemeria Records - of memories

Hella everyone, sorry for the late update >,< but D@inu got a job other than shrine maiden and I can't be on the internetz as much as I wished ;3; anyhoo, tonight I bring you "of memories" one of my favorite Alstroemeria albums and...nooooo of course is nothing to do with the beautiful Reimu on the cover, even if the outfit is hotter than usual and she is holding a katana.... I swear ;·; don't judge me...

Download here <3

CHOM-0035 眩壊グレイアウト

We have a new album today n,n under the name CHOM-0035 眩壊グレイアウトwhich is composed and arranged by TakeponG (ちょむP) , you probably heard of them before, this album is featuring Miku Hatsune (Append Version) n,n and here goes your track list, I hope you enjoy!:
恋時間 (初音ミクAppend SOFT) - 作詞:orange
誰も知らないキミ (初音ミクAppend LIGHT) - 作詞:おがた・TakeponG
魔法はいらない (初音ミクAppend SOLID) - 作詞:野良貴晴
ふたつの月 (初音ミクAppend DARK) - 作詞:たると
瑠璃色の雫 (初音ミクAppend VIVID) - 作詞:真雪
夢が覚めたら (初音ミクAppend SOLID) - 作詞:TakeponG

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alstroemeria Records - Signature

I love the cover of this one, just look at Reimu so beautiful and unaware of Yukarin's arms ready to snatch her into one of her gaps <3, Signature like all the other Alstroemeria hits, brings together an amazing recopilation of tracks for you to enjoy so download it if you love their songs.

Download here <3

LocoRoco OST

Something very different today xD as I got this game lately, I really started loving it when I gave it more chance and time, this OST is from LocoRoco PSP's version, full soundtrack with 43 tracks in HQ, it's really silly and you'll prolly don't understand what they say but very cute and who played it will sure enjoy it n,n! I don't have a tracklist but you'll find any song you need from the game out here! ~

*and they shall sing for you until you wake up xDDD*

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dissidia Final Fantasy OST

Woot double update, this time it is the dissidia OST as requested from the Neko Miko Hayyie, who just recently started playing this amazing game, it includes all the tracks from the game which are tracks from other final fantasies, remixes of some others and some new original tracks, even some vocal ones and therefore it's pretty huge being over 300 megabytes, anyhoo enjoy this beautiful album :3

Download Link <3

Alstroemeria Records - The Brilliant Flowers

This album is pretty special as it was my first Alstroemeria Records album I got, yeah I know it's a pretty late one to be the first, but as soon as I listened to it I got all the others I got from this circle, starting with lovelight, it's an amazing album too, featuring the beautiful Byakuren on the cover, looking pretty creepy too XD nonetheless it's an amazing artwork, I hope you enjoy it!

Download Link <3