Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love in songstress - Loli.com

I had this album uploaded on my mediafire for time and I forgot to upload it -v-U silly me, so here you go, this is an album called Love in Songstress by Loli.com featuring Miku Hatsune, it's not that huge album but it carries 11 songs n,n not bad ne? I hope you'll enjoy it and here is your tracklist:

02.Chapter 01-Colorless Mark, red room
03.I flow ~My style~
04.Chapter 02-Flowers shimmering
05.Sunny girl romp
06.Chapter 03-Sepia turn to yellow
07.Colored mind
08.Next chapter
09.The one is truly important (Kikuo’s remix)
10.The one is truly important (Gutiar mix)
-NekoMiko Hayyie-

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