Thursday, November 26, 2009

Touhou Top 10 girls (part 3)

And here we go on to part three! (maybe last maybe not :3 )

Name: Alice Margatroid
Species: Magician (once human)
Job: Doll maker/Pupeteer
Appearances: Mystic Square (as young Alice), Perfect Cherry Blossom, Immaterial and Missing Power, Imperishable Night, Shoot the Bullet, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Subterranean animism, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: Marisa, Patchy, Mima (as her lil sis), Medi, Yuka

Alice, the first touhou girl I saw running after a witch and singing numbers in japanese and german, she is pretty oh so pretty, tsundere according to the fandom, and aiming to create a doll that can act and think on it's own, (like Medicine XD) I love her dress and boots, that tells her she can be girly but is no pushover, well that's alice, the first touhou girl I met.

Name: Yuka Kasami
Species: Youkai
Occupation: Botanmancer
Appearances: Lotus Land Story, Mystic Square, Seihou Kioh Gyoku, Phantasmagoria of Flower View
I like her with: Alice, Reimu, Marisa, Mima

Yeah you did'nt read wrong, Wriggle is not in the list, sure they look cute together but every touhou girl with other looks good, I just don't follow the fandom ideas of flower + bug = winnnnnn... Yuka one of the first epic bosses, creator of the master spark and one of the few with drastic changes of appearance, talking about the fandom and her appearance, I really dislike to see Yuka as a bloodthirsty psycho, c'mon which girl who used pink pjs a big alice in wonderland rabbit clock and a sleepy face could love to kill for fun? Oh by the way I know someone who said, "power over flowers? what harm could it do?" Simple, she can make them grow ANYTIME ANYWHERE.

Name: Reisen "Udongein" Inaba
Species: Lunar Rabbit
Job: Gunslinger
Appearances: Imperishable Night, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: Tewi (as her big sis), Eirin

How could I leave the bunny girl out of the list? This girl is apparently the only one whose outfit you might see somewhere someday (I mean outside an Otaku convention) She can shoot bullets (NO No suppositories) from her fingers, and make anyone go nuts with her eyes, that got the power of the moon, besides she is all pretty and those bunny ears <3 I mean c'mon she is fawking Vincent on advent Cirno!

Name: Hieda no Akyu
Species: Human
Job: Scholar
Appearances: Memorizable Gensokyo, Perfect Memento in strict sense, Akyu's untouched score CD's
I like her with: Reimu, Marisa, Keine (as her lil sis), Yukarin (as her lil sis)

And last but not least comes one of the girls I met last, but loved since I knew her more, She is Hieda no Akyuu, a girl who has been reborn nine times remembering everything from her other lifes to record the history of gensokyo and it's people, she is a hardworker, red tea lover who loves the music from yougakudan (a fictional band who played the music for the first 5 touhou games) Akyuu is just lovely and also probably the youngest Gensokyo known resident.

Well is that the end of the list? as I feel so bad, it isn't XD expect a bonus update with at least 3 more characters soon ;3 hope you enjoyed it

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My touhou favorite (girls part 2)

And late but better late than never, here comes the second part of my touhou favorite girls, here we have the second part of the touhou girls I love and a the main reasons they are more awesome then the other girls to me!

Name: Marisa Kirisame
Species: Human
Job: Common Witch
Appearances: All games except Highly responsive to prayers
I like her with: Reimu, Alice, Patchie, Akyuu

Well what is so special about Marisa you ask? What is not special about her! She stole the precious thing along with Yuka's master spark, She got a mini Hakkero to amplify her powers, and one smash from her broom can defeat even Onis, Marisa Kirisame started as Mima's apprentice but soon started helping Reimu afterwards, Marisa is one of the most popular characters, and it's easy to see the reasons.

Name: Sakuya Izayoi
Species: Human (Lunarian in some theories)
Job: Chief Maid (Ex Vampire Hunter in some theories)
Appearances: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Immaterial and Missing Power, Imperishable Night, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: China, Remi (as her big sis), Eirin

Now appearing in a lot of games maybe just second to Reimu and Marisa comes Sakuya, the elegant maid, now what I love about her (besides looking lovely with Chuugoku <3) Is all the theories around this mysterious time bender, dagger throwing assassin maid, is she a lunarian? what is her relationshio with Eirin? That silver hair? Was she a vampire hunter after Remilia and as she lost she was made her loyal maid? These theories might be answered by ZUN someday but once again they might not, but come on! Who doesn't love maids? specially assassin maids who are loyal as puppies?

Name: Suika Ibuki
Species: Oni
Job: Drunkard
Appearances: Immaterial and Missimg Power, Shoot the Bullet, Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Unthinkable Natural law.
I like her with: Reimu (as her lil sis), Yuugi (as her lil sis)

Oyome ni shinasai, second IOSYS touhou based video and music I ever saw, I was like this "Who is the girl with the horns... she is beautiful *w*" Then I met this young Oni who is bpred and wants a big party, she is awesome cuz she can smash the sky with a punch (as seen in bohemiand archive in japanese red) and doesnt remember what is it like to be sober (as seen also in BAiJR) Trust me, she can be cute as an angel, but one of her punches will make you feel a Truck hit you.

Ok... Once again I will finish this tomorrow or at least continue it, as I got the job, the only drawback is now I hafta work a lot XD take care and keep coming to the Usamiko shrine! nyuuuu, can you guess now the 4 girls Im missing from my 10 favs? It's easier now!

To be continued

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Touhou girls top 10

Ok, many people have doubts on who are my favorite characters or pairings in the touhou universe some even say I switch them each week which obviously I dont, the reason for this might be, that I love most of the characters except maybe for the Fan characters like Meimu and Mitori, I don't really think Reimu needs a dark side and Nitori pfft! Anyway on to the characters...
Name: Reimu Hakurei
Species: Human
Job: Miko (shrine maiden)
Appearances: All Touhou games, Seihou 秋霜玉
I like her with: Marisa, Sanae, Yukarin (as her lil sis), Suika (as her big sis), Akyuu

Well for Number 1 we got Miss Hakurei! Reimu is since I saw her, the char I liked the most, homing, miko and a little sarcastic that is what I call an interesting protagonist! Besides those cute hair ornaments and the big neko bow, makes me go "awww so cute" each and every time I see her <3, Name: Hong Meiling (Chuugoku)
Species: Youkai
Job: Gatekeeper
Appearances: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Immaterial and Missing Power, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: Sakuya, Flandre (as her guardian/big sis), Patchie

For the second place in my list (and trust me it was hard between her and Reimu) We got dear bouncer Chuugoku (China) XD most of the fandom knows why is she called this way, and well it's just because she got a chinese name, that most of the girls don't recall, The kanji on her beret means "dragon" she is portrayed as sleeping on the job usually but as a fighter she is fearful, she fights with her chi and some kung fu like moves.

Name: Cirno
Species: Ice Fairy
Job: ⑨
Appearances: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: Suwako, Letty (as her lil sis), Daiyousei

For the third place we got Cirno the "baka" (moron) according to the fans and even ZUN himself in the Phantasmagoria of Flower View instruction's booklet, there is where the ⑨ came from, marking the poor fairy with one and defining it as baka, well after this lil cultural spot the reasons I like her, she is cute! I love her proud smile, her hobby is freezing frogs and well you know... shi is da strongest! 8D

And well for now that's it, I got a job interview soon soI'll finish this later or tomorrow ;3 try to guess the 7 missing girls in my list... Oh shoot, I just took Rinnosuke, Genji, Unzan and Youki by default... clumsy me...

D@nDLion out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is Touhou?

Ok First of all I don't think any Touhou Blog is complete without explaining visitors what is Touhou and what makes a doujin game (independent game, not made by a huge company) stand out among commercial games, let's start with the genre of game, the Touhou series is composed by mostly shooters, but not any shooter Touhou defines a kind of shooter that is not common in our continent, the Danmaku, Curtain shooter, Bullet Hell, Call it as you want, you don't get what this means? Well here is an example (hosted by

Yes indeed, the tiny sprite in the bottom is your character and the objective is to dodge all those beautiful bullets while shooting the enemy, is it so important to dodge? Why yes, differently from other games where you have a life gauge in touhou one bullet touches you and that's the end for you, this makes the level of difficulty in touhou really really addictive, this level goes like this:

[not so] easy (for humans, try to clear it without continuing)
[not really] normal (for hardcore gamers, clear it without continues and you are worthy)
[ultra] hard (for real gamers, I havent even cleared 2 stages in this mode XD)
lunatic (no really... you will cry)
extra (Im not kidding)

Another important point to mention in touhou is that all the characters are cute girls (except for a turtle, a shopkeeper, a cloud.... well you get the point) And trust me cute girls will kick your butt quite a lot in these game, uncountable "expert" gamers have suffered with Touhou like no other games, gamers who cleared "hard" games, like Ninja Gaiden, Gears of War, Castlevania, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, Halo (specially Halo since they think it's unique) will find themselves crying over the first stage of any Touhou game in the Hard mode. Ok going back to the girls, They all have something in common, are based on mythical figures, are super cute, and got quite a charming personality.

We have all kinds of characters like Mikos (shrine maidens), witches, demons, ghosts, youkais (japanese mythical creatures), fairies, scientists, proffessors, warlocks, maids, vampires, spirits, shikigamis (familiars), nekomatas (split tailed cats), puppeteers, poltergeists, samurais, onis, kyubis (nine tailed fox) hakutakus, bunny girls, bunny girls from the moon, princesses, phoenixes, reapers, judges, tengus, goddesses, kappas, psychics, nuclear powered crows, captains, magicians, nues (a kind of chimeras...) phew... and yeah, all these are represented by cute girls.

Anyway, now for a little bit of history, Touhou music, graphics, character designs, programming and all, is made by a single genius known as ZUN, lover of beer, creator of lolis, this man has gotten one of the largest fanbases in japan (expanding in the world) inspiring fans to create all kind of stuff related to touhou, like plushies, figures, cellphone straps, pillows, doujin mangas, touhou inspired games, games combining touhou and other games (megamari: touhou+megaman, super marisaland: touhou+Mario Land, Koumajou densetsu: touhou+Castlevania, MariAri: touhou+Wario's woods, Cirno climber: touhou+ice climber, Splinter Cell Code R: pretty obvious, and the upcoming Cirno racing: touhou+mario kart) and one of the most succesful ones, the bands that dedicate their music making remixes of touhou themes and the best part is these pieces are really good and enjoyable making some people want to know where those awesome songs came from, I admit I wanted to know more about Touhou after listening to and watching the video of "Marisa stole the precious thing"

The video that started it all (in my case)

Well, this is the first real entry in the blog I hope you enjoyed it and well, I'll keep updating the blog with more info on the games, the fan games, the music, umm stuff? and if you got any suggestions let me know! n,n!


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Welcome To Usa Miko's Shrine!!

Ok, This is my second blog ^^, the first one (D@n Veneto!?) was mainly used as a project my italian teacher thought would rock to make homeworks online and stuff, sadly the project failed but as I see more and more touhou related blogs, I wanna try doing my very own blog, First of all the name Usa miko... What could this mean? Well first of all a little tribute to my favorite touhou character, Reimu, but wait she isn't a bunny! maybe a cat in the song Neko Miko Reimu but a rabbit? that is Reisen! I know I know, the bunny part is me XD I love rabbits So this here is my little tribute to Zun and the Touhou saga which really made a change in my way I saw shooters and well even my life as now I think about touhou, draw touhou girls, want touhou related stuff, think of cosplaying touhou girls, Touhoing the touhou when touhou, Touhou Touhou Touhou TOUHOU!

Anyhoo <3, I'll keep updating this site when I remember I should, and talk mostly about touhou games, doujins, stuff, art, wallpapers, software, stuff, but also about other games, like Final Fantasy, Sonic, Metal Gear, Soul Calibur, many others.... What else... Oh yeah Animu! I love a lot of these so prolly I'll also drop a line or two about Chrno Crusade and Yu Yu Hakusho and lots more XD, maybe I'll even share some of my life here be sure to keep checking and thanks for visiting <3