Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Touhou girls top 10

Ok, many people have doubts on who are my favorite characters or pairings in the touhou universe some even say I switch them each week which obviously I dont, the reason for this might be, that I love most of the characters except maybe for the Fan characters like Meimu and Mitori, I don't really think Reimu needs a dark side and Nitori pfft! Anyway on to the characters...
Name: Reimu Hakurei
Species: Human
Job: Miko (shrine maiden)
Appearances: All Touhou games, Seihou 秋霜玉
I like her with: Marisa, Sanae, Yukarin (as her lil sis), Suika (as her big sis), Akyuu

Well for Number 1 we got Miss Hakurei! Reimu is since I saw her, the char I liked the most, homing, miko and a little sarcastic that is what I call an interesting protagonist! Besides those cute hair ornaments and the big neko bow, makes me go "awww so cute" each and every time I see her <3, Name: Hong Meiling (Chuugoku)
Species: Youkai
Job: Gatekeeper
Appearances: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Immaterial and Missing Power, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: Sakuya, Flandre (as her guardian/big sis), Patchie

For the second place in my list (and trust me it was hard between her and Reimu) We got dear bouncer Chuugoku (China) XD most of the fandom knows why is she called this way, and well it's just because she got a chinese name, that most of the girls don't recall, The kanji on her beret means "dragon" she is portrayed as sleeping on the job usually but as a fighter she is fearful, she fights with her chi and some kung fu like moves.

Name: Cirno
Species: Ice Fairy
Job: ⑨
Appearances: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: Suwako, Letty (as her lil sis), Daiyousei

For the third place we got Cirno the "baka" (moron) according to the fans and even ZUN himself in the Phantasmagoria of Flower View instruction's booklet, there is where the ⑨ came from, marking the poor fairy with one and defining it as baka, well after this lil cultural spot the reasons I like her, she is cute! I love her proud smile, her hobby is freezing frogs and well you know... shi is da strongest! 8D

And well for now that's it, I got a job interview soon soI'll finish this later or tomorrow ;3 try to guess the 7 missing girls in my list... Oh shoot, I just took Rinnosuke, Genji, Unzan and Youki by default... clumsy me...

D@nDLion out!


  1. This is fun to read n,n I actually like those 3 characters too >w< and I look forward to see Sakuya and Marisa in there too *w* <3
    I wish you all the best luck for your job interview sweetheart <3!!

  2. maybeeeeeeeeee.... 7 spaces left XD, thanks I'll do my best *gets ready and cutie*

  3. Ho ho~ Geniales elecciones y pairings, desde luego. Además, la foto que elegiste para Cirno es la mejor XD

  4. XD Yes eye can! queria una que dijera eye m the strongest pero bueno esa me agrado, pronto actualizo a las otras siete... si me decido quienes son X3

  5. Fine, call me an idiot! I don't care anymore! ;_;