Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My touhou favorite (girls part 2)

And late but better late than never, here comes the second part of my touhou favorite girls, here we have the second part of the touhou girls I love and a the main reasons they are more awesome then the other girls to me!

Name: Marisa Kirisame
Species: Human
Job: Common Witch
Appearances: All games except Highly responsive to prayers
I like her with: Reimu, Alice, Patchie, Akyuu

Well what is so special about Marisa you ask? What is not special about her! She stole the precious thing along with Yuka's master spark, She got a mini Hakkero to amplify her powers, and one smash from her broom can defeat even Onis, Marisa Kirisame started as Mima's apprentice but soon started helping Reimu afterwards, Marisa is one of the most popular characters, and it's easy to see the reasons.

Name: Sakuya Izayoi
Species: Human (Lunarian in some theories)
Job: Chief Maid (Ex Vampire Hunter in some theories)
Appearances: Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, Immaterial and Missing Power, Imperishable Night, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Unthinkable Natural Law
I like her with: China, Remi (as her big sis), Eirin

Now appearing in a lot of games maybe just second to Reimu and Marisa comes Sakuya, the elegant maid, now what I love about her (besides looking lovely with Chuugoku <3) Is all the theories around this mysterious time bender, dagger throwing assassin maid, is she a lunarian? what is her relationshio with Eirin? That silver hair? Was she a vampire hunter after Remilia and as she lost she was made her loyal maid? These theories might be answered by ZUN someday but once again they might not, but come on! Who doesn't love maids? specially assassin maids who are loyal as puppies?

Name: Suika Ibuki
Species: Oni
Job: Drunkard
Appearances: Immaterial and Missimg Power, Shoot the Bullet, Mountain of Faith, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Unthinkable Natural law.
I like her with: Reimu (as her lil sis), Yuugi (as her lil sis)

Oyome ni shinasai, second IOSYS touhou based video and music I ever saw, I was like this "Who is the girl with the horns... she is beautiful *w*" Then I met this young Oni who is bpred and wants a big party, she is awesome cuz she can smash the sky with a punch (as seen in bohemiand archive in japanese red) and doesnt remember what is it like to be sober (as seen also in BAiJR) Trust me, she can be cute as an angel, but one of her punches will make you feel a Truck hit you.

Ok... Once again I will finish this tomorrow or at least continue it, as I got the job, the only drawback is now I hafta work a lot XD take care and keep coming to the Usamiko shrine! nyuuuu, can you guess now the 4 girls Im missing from my 10 favs? It's easier now!

To be continued


  1. Always gonna love meido Sakuya >w< and funny Marisa! <3 Yayness n,n Hayyie likes this update nyan nwn~ I can guess Alice, Akyuu and Reisen is coming in the next one, ne?!

    I'm so happy for you baby *kisses* <3 you'll do just awesome with your work =D!!

  2. Marisa y Suika!! Esas son las que yo quería ver ^^ Me está gustando mucho tu top 10.