Thursday, December 24, 2009


Well, this time I'll talk about Role Playing, for starters, Role Play or RP, as it's name implies, it's the action of playing someone else role, either real or fictional, being more common the last, like a Touhou character, now this might sound weird, but everyone of us has roleplayed at least a few times when we were kids, remember those times with your friends when you played you were a power ranger or a sailor scout or someone else from some show? well that's a live RP, there are the same rules while roleplaying you indicate your actions in italics or something different from the dialogue and this with some distinctive manner, also when you talk like yourself or out of character (OOC) you use any way to differentiate this, like ((double parentheses))

RPing has rules like every activity like being In character, this means to try to be most of times like the character you are playing, no godmodding, for example taking actions of another character that is not yours or always doing what you want even if the others are reluctant to it, or even as the name implies having godly powers that nobody can beat.

Anyway, the point of all this? I started roleplaying not so much ago, less than a year actually and it is really fun, my first RP was the umineko roleplay in deviantart, where my friend LS introduced me to this hobby and I found real fun, differently from the anime no deaths happened and it was a friendly roleplay, but I discovered a sour side of RPing, not to involve your feelings in a RP, I let myself feel as my character and thought someone cared about me there, but well, this person really didnt consider me even a friend, she said it was just roleplay, while I thought we were great friends... anyhoo, later I joined the touhou RP in deviantart too as Hieda no Akyu, (the character pictured next and thought I got better until I discovered I still have ways to learn, as being repetitive or leaving an on going RP because of work/issues might make other RPers you enjoy RPing with feel bad (or even want to kill your character to forget him/her XD).

Talking about RP, I have roleplayed as many characters like Sakutarou from Umineko, Akyuun and Orenji from touhou, Shaymin from Pokemon, Link from the windwaker, Ashei from twilight princess, and lately as Hong Meiling from touhou in a forum RP where I am an admin, if you are interested you can check it out here: I hope you liked this entry and learned something about one of my hobbies~
Enjoy every day~ ja ne
D@nDLion out

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 8 bit version

Ok, while Im not a lover of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil like most Touhou fans (I do like it, but I like others more than it, it's not on my top 3, mainly because everyone loves it, like Final Fantasy VII... which I'm sorry but if you played VI will agree it's not the best, I think) anyway I found this little jewel to all us old gamers (not that old 20+ is alright I think XD ) It's the game you know very well, Touhou 6 The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil in 8-bit glory, just like if you were playing it in your NES, the dialogues, mugshots, sprites, backgrounds, bgms, and basically everything is a reminder of the console that saved em all from the big chaos atari brought with E.T. I hope you enjoy it~ Download here: [And sorry for the lack of updates =3= ]