Thursday, December 10, 2009

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil 8 bit version

Ok, while Im not a lover of Embodiment of Scarlet Devil like most Touhou fans (I do like it, but I like others more than it, it's not on my top 3, mainly because everyone loves it, like Final Fantasy VII... which I'm sorry but if you played VI will agree it's not the best, I think) anyway I found this little jewel to all us old gamers (not that old 20+ is alright I think XD ) It's the game you know very well, Touhou 6 The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil in 8-bit glory, just like if you were playing it in your NES, the dialogues, mugshots, sprites, backgrounds, bgms, and basically everything is a reminder of the console that saved em all from the big chaos atari brought with E.T. I hope you enjoy it~ Download here: [And sorry for the lack of updates =3= ]


  1. Nyan <3! I'm downloading the gamu now n,n and yesh >w< FF6 rocks! The more popular some stuff gets, like super super popular just gets boring later; cause you see it everywhere while there are better stuff >w< and I'm sure people will be happy downloading this game =D Gonna try it <3!