Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sync. Art's - TRATRA Extra Track

Looks like the cover artist got some sort of obsession with Shou, at least that's what I though before I listened to this album. Why is that? Simple, because all the tracks are different mixes and arranges of the disciple of Bishamonten's theme, that's right not only the cover but all the tracks are dedicated to this tiger girl, and trust me all of them sound awesome and can be either happy, sad or even METAL XD You will love Shou Toramaru more after listening to this album.

Download Link <3


  1. The download link you provided here CANNOT be completed. Time, browser, operating system, whatever you can come up with, there is no impact on the DL rate falling forever and making the file impossible to retrieve from the server.

    Please reupload the album and change the link in this post to one that doesn't fail quite so miserably. (Or just make a new post if you can't edit.)

  2. Umm I don't know what you are talking about XD I just checked the link and asked for a couple of friends help to check if it works and they reported back the download works perfectly fine, please check your browser settings or your internet connection which might be the one failing miserably ;3