Friday, November 12, 2010

TAMusic - Touhou Manga Matsuri Onban Bunbun II

Oh wow how could I forget the second part of the Manga Matsuri album by TAMusic? as you know, this album like the first one features live music, and besides touhou music this time TAM surprises us all with some themes we all probably know like Super Mario ones and Final Fantasy ones, it's a must download for any TAMusic fan as well as touhou/mario/ff fan


01 Help me, ERINNNNNN!! After After Ver.
02 Touhou Judgement in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years
03 The Fantastic Legend of Tohno                                         
04 Septette for the Dead Princess                                          
05 Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room                               
06 Retrospective Kyoto                                                        
07 Tengu is Watching ~ Black Eyes                                       
08 Wind God Girl                         
09 Shanghai Teahouse ~ Chinese Tea                                     
10 The capital city of flowers in the sky                                   
11 Love-coloured Master Spark                                            
12 The Fantastic Legend of Tohno                                         
13 Flight of the Bamboo Cutter ~Love Letter~                         
14 Bird's Poem                                                                    
15 Summer Lights                                                                
16 Super Mario Brothers                                                       
17 Super Mario Brothers 3                                                    
18 Super Mario World                                                          
19 Sa・Ga 2 The Treasure Legend Never Give up
20 Sa・Ga 2 Peaceful World                                               
21 FF6 Tina's Theme                                                             
22 FF6 Battle                                                                       
23 FF6 Celes Theme                                                             
24 FF5 Clash on the Big Bridge                                                   

Download Link <3


  1. I really loved this album! It has like best of in it X3 Remi and China's theme and FF <3333 Thank you for the amazing upload baby! >3<

  2. Lol! well this was certainly something. Just like if it was designed for us to hear, don't you think HHAHA

  3. Indeed made for us to listen to it >u< Im glad you liked it, yorokondeeee!!!