Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Colorful Light - Miku Hatsune

I haven't posted any album yesterday, so I'm sorry about that x3 ~ I bring to you an album today for Miku Hatsune and it's called Colorful Light, featuring 9 tracks in this album and it's not pretty huge to download, so I hope you enjoy it, I'm still keeping up with the requests of Solpie and Dark Wood Circus albums, I'll bring that soon n,n for now have fun and here's the track list!:

01.スターライト (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
02.グラヴィティー (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
03.Breezin' (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
04.コズミックバード (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
05.シーサイド (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
06.Sweetheart (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
07.eternal Yours (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
08.恋シテル (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 
09.Colorful Light (feat. 初音ミク).mp3 

-NekoMiko Hayyie-

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