Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cis-Trance/DJ-Technetium - Abnormal Dance

o//3//o what a cover! and well, leaving the cover aside (I know it's hard but I'm trying too) this is a wonderful album you most probably will love if you enjoy electronic music, so enjoy and keep coming :3


01. Frenzy is like teen spirit / DJ-Technetium
02. Exploding UFO / DJ-Technetium
03. I will go to space in the future / DJ-Technetium
04. Springtime DANCE / RaveHeavens
05. GOD A / DJ-Technetium
06. like a flame / Betwixt&Between
07. HOT CAPTAIN / RaveHeavens
08. Be of good corpse / DJ-Technetium
09. Bamboo shoots meal / DJ-Technetium

Bonus Track

10. Makina VS Hardcore VS Toho Project - Live Session 2010 March by DJ-Technetium

Download here <3

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