Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flower - GST

Ok,long time since I haven't updated around, and well since I promised not everything would be touhou related here is the soundtrack from the beautiful PS3 game flower, it was ripped by someone awesome, but it is hard to find in direct download so here you can have it in direct download, am I not awesome? Oh!! By the way you can add me on your PSN mine is DanDLionRO :3 enjoy! love u all people~

Usamiko D@inu out <3


  1. <3 Flower ish my favorite downloadable game in PSN >v< and thank you for uploading the soundtrack =D (75% in progress) I'm sure others wanna download it and enjoy it too X3!!
    I love you D@inu <3

  2. Add me up on my PSN, i would add you but for the moment my ps3 is... well, dead =( It's gonna take a while to rapair it since it will need a whole new motherboard and i will be out cold for the time being xD My psn is the same as my username, it's my universal tag name =)
    Hope to see ya around online when I get my ps3 back!

    Matta ne~