Monday, September 27, 2010

Silver Forest - Touhou Hill of the Moon Viewing

And this is sadly the last silver forest album I own, I managed to download a new IOSYS one, but I can't get the Silver Forest one somehow, on other news, my computer is dying u,u... it's taking her ages to start up and it's weird cuz she only took like 30 seconds before today, I hope I can fix it, but the issues are getting worse each time... anyway >u< enjoy the album!

Download Link <3


  1. Ah, this has Ancient days on it though? Quite the relaxing album, NYO's awesome.

    Sucks about you computer brah, get a portable hard drive so you don't lose all your data. Its alway best to have a backup.

  2. thanks dear, I guess that's the best option so I can keep my 32 gb of touhou music XD

  3. AHH!!! 32 gbs?!?! Geez,... My entire music collection is only about 39 gb and that includes metal, touhou, vocaloid, j-pop, soundtracks, and grindcore put together!

    I am not worthy dan-san.