Sunday, June 13, 2010

IOSYS Touhou Hyōsetsukashū

Next IOSYS album is the one dedicated to everyone's favorite stupid and lovely ice fairy, that's right, the strongest, Cirno : D and it includes one of the most epic songs IOSYS has ever made, Cirno's perfect math class I hope you enjoy it, and please leave a comment n,n

Download Link <3


  1. Yay, this was one of those I was waiting for =D!
    Thanks for all the trouble uploading the albums =3
    Will listen to it as soon as it's downloaded X3

  2. Still downloading it <3 I love the album cover >v< looks very cute and I love Cirno's song ;v; I'm sure I'll like the album too baby! Keep the awesome uploads coming <3 >3<