Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Touhou Cuteness~

Hello! =D Today I'll update the shrine with some cuteness overload and what can be better than some Touhou merchandises?? I found some pictures I'd love to share with you all n,n and first, this cute couple, a set of China and Sakuya figures! Who thought China would have such an adorable figure?!
Photobucket Photobucket
So adorable, aren't they? Moving on to something I really love.. plushies! and this plushie is just so sweet, of Reimu drinking her tea and you see a set of her stuff out there, she looks all pretty n,n
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I hope you enjoyed looking at them! You can try finding them at ebay and online shops if you wanted to get your own someday =3 I'll be back to update soon with more games OSTs and Vocaloid's albums, have fun & I hope you leave some comments if you like them!

=Nekomiko Hayyie-


  1. Waaahhh cada vez me da mas envidia el no poder comprar ese tipo de merchandises de Touhou >_<

    bueno al menos lo puedo ver en internet... aunque sea que el espirirtu de Parsee me este calcomiendo xD

  2. :,3 yo siento lo mismo hay tantas cosas de touhou que quiero, pero bueno... mejor no me quejo, tengo un plushie de Reimu y una figura de Marisa que son mis tesoros <33

  3. awww I do always feel the same when I browse through the merchandises of video games or animes too, I wish I can get them X3 but yeah, I agree it does feel good looking at them too XDDD

  4. Wow, nice merchandise, I wish that those items were sold in anime conventions here T^T.
    Thx for sharing the cuteness, I felt like quoting Rena-san and saying "Omochi kaeriii~" but oh well, I'll have to keep on hoping that one day I'll find Touhou merchandise in an anime convention xD