Thursday, August 5, 2010

IOSYS - Touhou Faithful Star

mwahaha!! another IOSYS update before going to the next circle, This album is one of the latest (not the latest tho) IOSYS launched, and is full of those awesome guitar tracks just like Jeux Interdits was, special thanks to our sibling blog "Touhou no Sekai" where I got this album no one else had, pay em a visit they are EPIC!! as much as Sanae jumping with a guitar!!

Download Link <3


  1. OMG, another Iosys one and I don't have Internet in my home(dunno how long will it be ;o;). Meh, Iwish that my internet's back when I get home to download this one ;_;

  2. I love Jeux Interdits, so needless to say, I love this album as well! (I actually prefer IOSYS doing this kind of cover, but that's just me, lol)