Sunday, August 8, 2010

jinsei no kedaru sa hiyori - Not music

Ok Ok before going to the next circle, here is another album I found over Touhou no Sekai that I wanted to share with my friends and readers so here it is, why this interruption you may ask? Well this amazing album combines traditional japanese music with some metal and the results are simply amazing, I highly reccomend it to you even if you are not a touhou fan you will love it <3

Download Link <3


  1. Woot! ahora si podremos bajarlo!
    hehe qué te puedo decir, cuando D@n dice que un disco de touhou es bueno, más vale la pena esucharlo X3

  2. Never heard of this one OwO I was looking at title and I thought you're saying "Not Music" and I was reading XDDD then I found out it's the name of the album, silly me =v=~ I'll be downloading it =D! Thanks for the upload baby!

  3. hey, this looks pretty cool/unusual. thanks, i'm gonna check it!

  4. Great album there, tho I don't really like the vocal on the Remi-Flan cover track (good music tho)
    Thank you for this upload C: