Sunday, February 6, 2011

TAMuisc - FF Violin

Yes =3 today I have an album that me and Usamiko really loved X3 that's an album by TAMusic, which you used to hear doing awesome Touhou music, now you'll hear them playing amazing arranges of Final Fantasy music, this album carries 10 tracks that comes from FF6, FF8, FF13 and lots more, it's really worth downloading if you're a fan of Final Fantasy and TAMusic, don't miss it n,n and the tracklist goes here:

01: Final Fantasy [Prelude / Final Fantasy Series]
02: Fight 1 ~ Fight 2 ~ The Dreadful Fight ~ The Final Battle [Final Fantasy IV]
03: Tenderness in the air [Town Theme / Final Fantasy V]
04: Battle Theme [Final Fantasy VI]
05: The Decisive Battle [Final Fantasy VI]
06: Tina [Tina's Theme / Final Fantasy VI]
07: Fighting [Those Who Fight / Final Fantasy VII]
08: Force Your Way [Final Fantasy VIII]
09: The Extreme [Final Fantasy VIII]
10: Blinded By Light [Final Fantasy XIII]
-NekoMiko Hayyie-

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