Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pfftt never mind last post

...It was a technical difficulty with my formspring XD, thanks for the sweet answers tho <3

PD: I ll be back soon, thinking of quitting the hardest, most stressful and lowest paid of my three jobs XD


  1. That's a rather strange question. I don't personally know you, but I think you helped me out with some songs I was searching, and I really like the layout of your page. Can't say anything else, though.

  2. ohai

    i just found you so yeah.

    so hellow there this was a bad time for me to find you since you cannot update that much.

  3. Working for money= awesome and I am jelly

    Working for money in a bad job= eh, at least I get money

    Working for money in a bad job that is stressful= ESCAPIST WEEKENDS ARE BEST WEEKENDS

    Working for money in a bad job that is stressful while juggling 2 other jobs= DAMN YOU CRAZY

  4. Hey ! you're fine ? kisses to you and Hayyie <3

  5. X3 thanks Marc, I loved the humorous point of view <3 yah I'm pretty crazy XDD, and thanks Furiae! Beaucoup de bises aussi :3!!