Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nico Nico Final Mix Compilation

;u; Well, Im proud to announce this is the first real contribution from the shrine to the internetz, I put together this compillation thanks to an idea, and the fact that I already had most of the tracks from the Nico Nico Medley/Final Mix, then I started looking for the rest, which were not many but more than 10, some really, REALLY hard to find songs, I divided it in 2 discs named einz and swei in honor of Marisa stole the precious thing in case you want to make a couple of discs from the tracks included, and also made a tracklist with the names of the songs and where they came from (except one that I just remembered... let's hope you don't notice... o3o) anyway, I hope you enjoy this compilation made specially for you and remember to comment ;u; I swear it wasnt easy making this <3

PD: It includes a little Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni bonus at the end <3

Download Link <3


  1. OMG!!! You're epic!!! Thanks a lot for your hard work finding all the tracks and doing this compilation!! It's really apreciated ;w;

    I'm gonna spread the word to the few people I know that like the song but I'm downloading it first! X3

    Arigatou gozaimashita~!!

  2. Glad I am the first who listened to this album >v< and I'm sure lots of people will love this collection n,n! Thanks for an epic album >=3 I am sure we'll be able to make more of these <3 Just for our shrine =D

    Wo ai ni <3 n,n

  3. Im glad it's appreciated ;u; It was truly hard finding some of them, thank you for visiting the shrine, and yay! Im glad sweetie loves it too >u<!! <33 chuu

  4. wow!!!! ¿sabes? no comento mucho en tu blog porque no sé mucho de la música de la que escribes (con no saber mucho entiéndase que no sé nada) pero ahora mismo me estoy bajando la compilación! ^^ muchas gracias por tu trabajo!

  5. Muchas Gracias Ale chan, XD no te preocupes mi musica si es medio desconocida, espero la compilación sea de tu agrado!!