Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sound Holic - Metallical Astronomy

Yay, only Sound Holic could make an awesome remake of magical astronomy and make it all heavy, If you enjoyed that Maribel and Renko's adventure you will love Sound Holic's version of it, I hope you enjoy it.

Download Link <3


  1. Shame on me, I don't think I own this album Owo so I'll be sure to get it, thank you for the album bany n,n!~ Keep it up <3

  2. oh awesome, i haven't heard this one yet! the cover looks totally badass. thank you so much!!

  3. Glad to find an album you didn't own Hayuu <3 and Im glad you like the cover gohei, sometimes it's a great way to find albums X3

  4. Hello~
    Been a long while since I have commented on your blog, but work's killing me slowly so I haven't been able to ;w;
    Anyways, exams are over and this cover looks so metal-like that I HAVE to download it as soon as I get home X3 (I'm already at work).
    Thanks for the constant uploads (even when I can't download most of them ^^U) and hopefully I'll finally be able to log on msn this weekend for more than half an hour while not having homework or pending stuff XP

    Matta Ne~