Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sound Holic meets Touhou - Fantasy

I'm sorry for the ginormous time of innactivity guys ;^; I have been pretty busy with work and in my free time playing some awesome games over my Wii and PS3, anyway part of it is for the good of the shrine as I have also been downloading some future surprises (not touhou related sadly) that most of you will love, anyway, after my little apology, let's continue with the Sound Holic meets touhou albums, this time featuring the Embodiment of Scarlet devil duo, Sakuya and Remi n,n I hope you enjoy it.

Download Link <3


  1. Weee! a new disk i most hear!
    .... specially now i won remi-sama >_>
    I cant wait to hear the versions in SoundHolic ^^

    BTW i DL'd "shikikami 3" already, so next time i will be more prepared to our game! ;P

  2. Well I've been unable to download any of your uploads lately due to lack of time and HDD space (hopefully I'll get a portable one soon) but anyway, I drop by to say Hi and to let you know that even if I can't download anything yet, I do read your posts =)

    Well, now back to work(at least for an hour more xP).

    Matta ne~