Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DECO *27 - パラヴレルワールド

So you don't say my updates are always Miku's related XD this time I bring an album under the name  パラヴレルワールド by Vocaloid M@ster 13 & DECO *27, which you sure have heard from before in our shrine =3 this album is for Vocaloid Gumi, not as big as our usual uploads, but it's carrying 7 songs n,n so have fun!
-NekoMiko Hayyie-


  1. Hayyie is in charge of Vocaloid uploads and Dan of Tohou ones?

    It's what I have seen

    I love your blog! And I'd like to suggest to put a track list of the album content

  2. You guessed it right =3 and I'm glad you liked our shrine n,n ~ about the tracklist, I'll try to put them up in my next updates when they're available.