Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Touhou Concealed the Conclusion (Touhou Danmakufu)

Durr I can't believe I hadn't upload which is probably one of the most famous fanmade games, Concealed the conclusion is a really good fanmade touhou just like most of the official ones, it's also a danmaku, really hard, My favorite  part of this game is the story, even if it's pretty sad, I won't spoil it but I can tell you a little bit, you play this game as Marisa.

Oh yeah! This also includes Touhou Danmakufu, the engine to make danmaku games, why? well because you need it to play concealed the conclusion which was made in it XD, anyway enjoy!

Download Link <3


  1. DERP?!? How did this game slip past my knowing!? Shoot, a danmaku engine? lol I might even try to make mt own bullet hell. As soon as my Kioh Gyoku download finishes I WILL OBTAIN THIS.

    Excellent upload bro.

  2. Uhh, am I doing this wrong, or did this not come with a english version?

  3. Sadly as of now, no english patch exists for danmakufu or concealed the conclusion ;n; , but you can find more help and info over the touhou wikia >u<