Saturday, October 9, 2010

Luka Megurine - Just Be Friends

Yes n,n after a big update, I bring to you a Vocaloid Luka album and prolly her most popular one, although I don't like the topic x3 but it's a very catchy song and video, prolly the most covered art-style in Vocaloid series too; the JBF Single carries 3 songs (The original, instrumental and instrumental & chorus) and as the single is little, I added up to you a second album that has many remixes of the same song n,n which I hope you'll really enjoy if you love this song x3! Have fun!
-NekoMiko Hayyie-


  1. OMFG LUKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 8D!! *downloads and goes insane* thanks darling you are my number one <3

  2. Luka is glue for the broken-hearted...thanks <3