Thursday, October 21, 2010

I wanna be the god

hmmm... what can I tell about the last game I decided to upload... it trolled me... like real good... did you ever play "I wanna be te guy"? well it's kinda like it and a combination of mario and you play as Suwako, except the whole main game is easier, like 100 times easier, you can even reach the last boss without losing a life, but is here where the game trolls.... last boss is impossible, if someone beats it and sends me a screenshot I'll make him/her a free fanart of any touhou girl of their choice... with that said... enjoy (till u reach last boss and cry blood).

Download Link <3


  1. Prepare to draw me some ass kicking sakuya

  2. XDDD I swear I'll do as soon as I see her destroyed <3

  3. I did it!!
    Fanart of Youmu fighting Cirno?

  4. o3o... wow you sir got the internets, also i'll work on your fanart... I hope it's epic enough so keep coming >U<

  5. wow OwO someone actually beaten it >v< congrats!!

  6. >_<

    oh, someone beat me to the punch.

    I could only make it to level 15.

    Forgive me sakuya!!!