Thursday, May 6, 2010

Akyu's untouched score Vol. 4

So well, I made a promise to a fellow blogger and friend that if he posted his favorite 5 anime opening I would do the same, unfortunately Im uploading my Akyu's scores as well as not knowing which one would be number 5 so for the moment here is volume 4 in Akyun's collection (which cover is my fav just look at those chibi Mima Reimu and Mari <333), please enjoy it and pay a visit to DevilShade's blog *although it's in spanish so unless u understand it u won't enjoy fully his reviews*

Ancient's zone:

Download link <3


  1. Hi, don't worry about it, do it when you have time for it, we never said you had to do it the same day I did right? XP Hope you manage to decide on that number 5 soon =p
    Thanks for recommending my blog as well! =D

    Hope to read more from you soon! =)

  2. Indeed a cute cover X3 I'll download this right after the other finish n,n and I'll look at your friend's blong >w< even if I can't read Spanish ;v; (I wish I can) and I look forward for your upcoming uploads nena =D!!

  3. @DevilShade: Ya pronto, mañana temprano posteo los 5 openings :3 espero te agraden, y no te preocupes me encanta tu blog.

    @Hayyie: >u< I hope u enjoy it nena and u would like his site too, he got a nice taste in anime <3.