Friday, May 7, 2010

Akyu's untouched score Vol. 5 (and a new miko arrived to the shrine)

First of all welcome my new collaborator the Neko miko Hayyie who will keep the site with me up to date :3 And well here is the last part in the Akyuu's collection, this one is pretty epic as it contains the ost from the first touhou, the only touhou that wasn't danmaku (in the main series, I know about 7.5, 9.5, 10.5 12.3 and 12.5) And well, even if these were some of Zun's first songs they are really nice and upbeat for only 8 bits, So please enjoy the last disc from Yougakudan just as the child of Miare does~

Download Link <3

 Next Time expect more ZUN's originals <333

Usamiko D@inu out


  1. Hello and welcome miko Hayvie! =o Hope you enjoy working in the Shrine along with D =)
    And I'll have you teach me how to download the first fighting Touhou game D, because I tried and had an epic fail(I suck, I know lol) xP

    Matta ne~ =D

  2. I'm downloading this one atm n,n and thanks for making me join the shrine ;v; I'll do my best mwah! <3

    And @DevilShade, thank you! n,n I sure enjoy working with baby D =3 I'll do my best to update with some good stuff ^^