Friday, May 7, 2010

Usamiko D@inu's top 5 anime openings

Well, Here they are >:3 I always do what I promise (even if I do late D,8 but hey! I do after all) So in the fifth place we have *drumrolls*

Anime: Rurouni Kenshin (2nd Opening)

I can remember the first time I saw this opening ;u; I was like... wow this is gonna be an even better season waaaaaaaaaaa and well it really was, as a matter of fact my favorite season in Rurouni Kenshin <3, Now in the fourth place~

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho (sounds like yuyuko rite?? ;u;)

How could I leave this out, the reason I raged when I didn't see it was in the DVD's I pruchased, which kind of DVD makers leave the opening out ;A;!!! RAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEG!! anyhoo, It's a great opening (I know I'm all retro) Now for the 3rd place <3

Anime: Saber Marionette J

Nope, I couldn't leave the anime that started the otaku spark in me, thanks to this anime I discovered the difference between anime and just japanese cartoons as I used to call em, so watch it and cry in the end of saber marionette j to x as I did ;u; now the big second place might dissapoint you <333

Anime: Pokémon (Opening 11)

Yah I know, prolly you are thinking WTF Pokemon??? But it has like 35560 seasons and is not good compared to the games and manga but HEY!! this season made me come back to the anime (I left it in Pokemon Johto too too too roo) and after watching this opening with my beautiful Platina (call her Hikari/Dawn however u want) and playing like crazy my pearl version I decided the anime deserved a second chance, even with that silly crybaby satoshi/ash and his new rival (based on silver but just like ash fails) Paul, anyway I missed Rocketo Dan and Brock anyway!!! The first place is!!!

Anime: Chrno Crusade

Yes!!! ;u; chrno crusade I couldn't leave the opening of one of my most favorite animes which happens to be also epic watch it when u can (there is this awesome site Neko miko Hayuu found you can watch LOTS of anime there even pokemon XD) and well I had to leave other awesome openings out due to just being 5 ;n; (the ones that almost made it in this list were Inuyasha first opening. groove adventure rave second opening and digimon tamers' one) anyway, here have a touhou bonus :3 after all the blog is focused on touhou ne?

Anime: Touhou fanmade OVA


  1. =o Nice selection! I liked them too, but I had not seen Saber's OP =o
    Your first place was great too! Tsubasa Wa Pleasure Line <3

    By the way, I knew of AniLinkz a while ago, but I found out a better place yet than Anilinkz called Otaku Streamers (if I mah memory doesn't betray me) so if there's an anime that's not in AniLinkz, there's a high chance it's in Otaku Streamers, heck, even a friend told me joking "If it aint' in Otaku Streamers, it probably doesn't exist" lol.

    Now, next in line is the Top 5 anime endings so start thinking about those >=3 (if you wish to, that is xD)

    Matta ne~

  2. XD I already know which ones could be there, again the hard part is choosing which ones won't ;u; and of course I will when u post those will surely be fun

  3. I am amazed you were able to pick just 5 >v< it's pretty hard to find 5 openings among a lot of animes that were watched all that time but I personally enjoyed watching them all n,n specially pokemon with cherrim dancing <3 great choices ;3!

  4. I feel the urge to post the 3 left out rrrgh... But Im glad u liked em sweetie <3