Friday, May 7, 2010

Long day

Sooooooo It was a long day right? At least here in the shrine it was, some troubles with format, fonts and colors, last Akyu's untouched score, lots of anime openings giving some different air to the blog as well as the new neko Miko in the shrine Hayyie, so well thanks for supporting this your shrine and we'll be seeing you guys tomorrow expecting your donations (comments) As last present of the day, I leave you a pic of the 2 shrine mikos made in Walfas (too lazy to draw atm) See you guys tomorrow with the download of "dolls in pseudo paradise" another Cd made by Zun, this time with his usual sounds.

Ja ne~

Usamiko D@inu out <3


  1. Hi yet again! =3

    It sure has been a busy day, even to me but for some other reasons XP
    Thanks for the pic, and hope to see one drawn by you soon =o
    Looking forward to your next entries and wishing you good luck =p

    Matta ne~ (^-^)/

  2. Long day indeed >w< but it's been very good! Refreshing =D I do look forward of the download myself too ;3 and I wanna post our fanarts too n,n and maybe the soundholic CD =3!
    Mwah! <3

  3. btw <3 I love the piccie too >////<!!