Monday, May 24, 2010

Touhou 09.5 Shoot the Bullet

o3o Hello Visitors!!As of today I bring you yet another touhou game, this time is another .5 Touhou 9.5 Shoot the bullet, curious about the name? Well u shud be, XD Shoot the bullet refers to literally shoot the girls who are firing all those beautiful danmaku, but this time not with your own danmaku, but with your trusty camera, you control Aya the tengu reporter from bunbunmaru, whose mission is to capture with her camera all the beautiful patterns of danmaku she finds, along with the pretty girls shooting them, It's really challenging as you don't have bombs to protect yourself, but that doesn't make it less fun ;3I hope you enjoy~

Download Link <3

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  1. n,n Sounds interesting!~ I didn't played this one >v< so I'll be sure to download it <3 Thanks for uploading it baby n,n I'm sure others will do too!! <3