Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody complete OST

o3o today I bring you the Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, like Immaterial and Missing Power's OST it features some really nice mixes from Tasofro and ZUN. aaah that's true, the link features both, the original disc and the arrange disc ;3 I hope you enjoy it

download link <3


  1. OMGWTFBBQ! (didn't need to do that, just wanted to add some extra drama xD!) Yay!!! I wanted this one since it's the only game I've played so far XP already started download =D

    Thanks again for the OSTs!, I really liked the last one so I bet I'll love this one too <3
    Looking forward to what's next =p

  2. I love this game n,n and I'm sure to get both CDs (Features) download =D Thank you for uploading it baby >v< I'm downloading it now <3!