Friday, May 7, 2010

The new Miko is here n,n

Hello everyone n,n!
Like you read in the previous update, I'm gonna be updating the shrine with D@inu from time to other =3 I like to play Touhou games (specially fighting ones) and I love the music a lot, the most enjoyable part of Touhou for me, I also like to find about the merchandises X3 so I'll be updating about it sometimes when I find something cute!
Apart from this, I enjoy drawing too, so I'll be posting some fanarts in my next update n,n!

So stay tuned! =D

-Neko Miko Hayyie-


  1. I think I'll call you Hayyie instead of ShatteredSoul (sorry, don't remember the numbers of your dA profile) xD

    More updates, yay! I hope you update regularly, 'cause I love this blog, the Mixpod always startle me when entering xD

  2. Again welcome sweetie,glad to see the entry looks good this time n,n

  3. Well, I already welcomed you on D's entry but will do it again =p
    Welcome, Welcome! Hope you help out D a lot and I'm looking forward to what you both share on the shrine ;p

    Oh by the way, you can call me DS like D does, just don't confuse me with a certain portable console ;p

    Good luck! =)

  4. @DanDLion ~ Me too bany n,n I am glad it looks good ;w; and the new entry too <3 I just needed to figure it out >vv<!

    @DevilShade ~ Thank you once again DS X3!

  5. @Sax ~ Thank you =3 I'll try my best to help in the updates, but I'm sure D@inu's updates are more fun >v<!

    ((I don't know what happened to my comment ;.; so I posted it separately))

  6. Oh! A newcomer! Welcome Miko Hayyie!! n_n

    I look forward for everything you have to offer us in this great blog =D

    so far you has post it very good material, I saw ^^