Thursday, May 20, 2010

Touhou 07.5 Immaterial and Missing Power

Ahh those times~ When Suika was Epic Suika (not saying she is not anymore Suika fans!, DON'T DRAW YOUR SWORDS!! ;A; sheesh...) when this was like OMG a touhou fighting game!! and wow the game is a collaboration between ZUN and Tasofro ;u; everything felt like touhou but with a twist (and not only meaning it's a fighter instead of a shooter,Including a nice cast of some of the more popular characters from the 2 Windows' touhous as well as a new one I have already mentioned and as it updated, it includes a certain chinese girl that fans demanded <3.  It also includes cowcaster, what is that? a cow summoning spell? No, even more useful, with this little program you can play online with a friend :3 (except with a friend in the other side of the world like D@inu tried with Hayyie, oh those crazy mikos...) Anyway, here you have it, the one and the only Immaterial and Missing Power telling the story of that little drunken oni we all love~ Please enjoy (Don't make it a waste as it took more than 6 hours uploading ;A;...)

Download Link <3

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  1. This game is awesome and lots of fun >v<
    I hope whoever get it will be able to play it online faster than us ;~; cause connections are ebil at times >< awesome update baby! <3