Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith

 Ok, let's continue with the games, Here is Touhou 10 Mountain of Faith, continuing with the curtain bullet shmups. This game is well known for the many characters it includes being almost as popular as the ones in EoSD, c'mon who doesn't know Hina, Nitori, Aya, Momizi, Sanae and Suwako or one of the other girls in this game? but beware if you could only finish the other games in easy, this will bring you some trouble (like it did to me the first times >u<) Anyway, Enjoy!!

Download Link <3


  1. woah >v< I can't even finish it without dying in easy modo ;w;! I wonder how it will go for me *Giggles <3* Wove you >3<