Friday, May 14, 2010

Unthinkable Nature Law (Hisoutensoku) OST

If you have been following the downloads u might have expected this, otherwise if you were clueless (like certain Neko Miko I know <3 ) this will be a neat surprise, this time I bring you the last fighting game's OST this one is my favorite for sure as it includes my 3 favorite characters themes (Reimu, Meiling and Cirno's) as well as some of the best ones like Alice's, Patchie's and Okuu's (actually I like all themes in this OST even menu one and character selection XD ) so well, what are you waiting for? please enjoy!

download link <3


  1. Yay! Another one of the games OSTs! =D Downloading this right now, will download this game too after I finish at least every character's story once =3
    I'm getting more and more addicted to the games OSTs so I bet this one will be another great addition to the ones I've downloaded so far X3

    Thanks once again for uploading these OSTs =D!

    Matta Ne~ ^^

  2. Now this is awesome >v< clueless neko miko finally knew the OST <3 and I'll be downloading it n,n!!
    Thank you nena!! =D I'll try to update soon too >v<!!