Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Touhou games collection PC98

Sooooooo As I uploaded all of the OST's I own, I think I'll start uploading the games, and let's do it in the proper order, so, today I bring you not 1 but 5 touhou games, that's right the first 5 touhou games, highly resposive to prayers, the story of eastern wonderland, phantasmagoria of dim dream, lotus land story and mystic square. Keep in mind these games were made for a japanese PC-98 computer so the graphics are not something to be surprised for (unless, you like me love 8-bit retro gaming) and there are the good points like all 5 being only 15 mb, neat huh? Along with the games there is the emulator, it's pretty easy to use but if u need instructions you just basically double click on annex 86, that's your emulator, then on the HDD1 line click on the triple dot (...) choose one of the 5 games from the directory u saved em too and then click on start ;3 please enjoy!

Download link <3 http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WFPEXZXO

Usamiko D@inu out


  1. Gosh, I downloaded those hours ago and I got so drawn to the games that I forgot to thank you for uploading them in the first place X3!
    Nice games, I really liked them, thanks a lot! =D

  2. 15 MBs of bless then X3 I'm downloading them atm n,n I know they're going to be a lot of fun!
    Thanks for uploading them baby =D I wove you <3