Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ghostly Field Club

Hello Dear Visitors :3 today I bring you the first disc of the adventures of Maribel Tan and Renko Usami, These two girls live in Japan but their wish is to be able to visit Gensokyo, a land Maribel knows in her dreams and which Renko thinks to know the location, This is the first of 4 zun's collections of touhou tracks as well as original ones which are even more enjoyable if you read their stories included in the booklet (which you can find at the touhou wikia) Expect the other Maribel and Renko cd's here in your shrine coming soon

Download Link <3

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  1. =O like I said before, I will download some of the songs you upload sometime later when I get to know more about Touhou since I'm still a newbie at this unlike you owo.
    Well, for now I can only tell you to keep up the hard work! X3